Go Green


Vehicles can produce an excess of waste whether in the air or on the ground. We have made it our goal to leave a green footprint in the Napa Valley and help our environment. Constantly we are looking for ways to recycle our waste without compromising quality. This is one more reason Black Hawk Body Shop is the right place to have your vehicle repaired. You can leave your green footprint by having your vehicle repaired at Black Hawk Body Shop.


  •  95% of all Cardboard is Recycled
  •  95% of all plastic bumpers are recycled
  •  95% of all scrap metal is recycled
  •  We have equipped all office and technical staff with computers so paper files do not have to be generated
  •  All documents are stored electronically (eliminates file cabinets and paper storage)
  •  100% of Steel and Aluminum wheels are recycled
  •  85% of Batteries are recycled
  •  100% of Paint Waste is recycled
  •  75% Fluids such as antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid is recycled.


Pump up tires.
Properly inflated tires increase efficiency.


Lighten the load inside and out.
Reduce weight and air resistance.


Plan ahead.
Map the shortest route to your destination.


Slow down.
Driving 50 mph instead of 70 mph can improve economy 25%.


Take off and slow down smoothly.
Both done quicker increase more emissions.


Change gears at the right time.
Shifting gears quickly reduces fuel efficiency.


Shut it off.
Shut it off when at a standstill for 3 or more minutes.


Use less air conditioning.
When in use it reduces fuel efficiency.

The tradition continues.